8 October 2022

TreBicchieri to Atis 2019

We warmly thank the Gambero Rosso staff for the recognition. Decidedly, Atis is a unconventional Bolgheri Superiore, a great example of artisan wine from a small […]
21 September 2022

Antillo 2021: the new vintage is ready!

We’re ready: here there is the technical sheet and a small presentation in video Antillo 2021 has a fresher and more fruity taste than the usal […]
19 September 2022

The WineHunter Award to Atis, Jassarte and Criseo

The Wine Hunter is the award linked to the Merano Wine Festival. Thanks so much!
18 August 2022

Very good Antillo for the Tuscan Sommeliers

Thanks so much to the Tuscan Sommelier Association: Antillo is one of the best entry level Bolgheri Rosso wines. Antillo 2020 is out of stock in […]