Guado al Melo

Winegrowers in the Bolgheri DOC

Guado al Melo is a family-owned and run winery, managed by the Scienza family. It is nestled among the hills of the DOC Bolgheri, not far from the Tuscan coast. We are committed to the goal of producing great terroir wines, following a philosophy based on artisanality and sustainability, as well as to preserving our ancient traditions.

We, Annalisa and Michele, started our life’s work in 1999, in our early 30s. We had many dreams, but also a wealth of personal and familiar experience.

Guado al Melo now comprises 16.5 hectares of vineyards in production, rich in biodiversity. The winery itself is completely underground, constructed according to the principles of bio-architecture. It houses a fascinating museum about wine history and culture. At its heart is an extensive wine library, collated over a lifetime by Professor Attilio Scienza, Michele’s father, a well-known professor of viticulture.

Our wines

The personality of our wines derives from our great terroir, a superb mix of Mediterranean character and elegance, naturalness and excellence. Each wine conveys a part of our territory, reflecting a micro-zone or grape variety, or a particular moment of our history.

The heart of our wine portfolio is represented by the great red wines of Bolgheri. They are careful blends from the micro-parcels of our vineyards. Bolgheri Superiore (Atis) embodies the best selection of our vineyards, a perfect balance between finesse and intensity. The Bolgheri Rosso category is represented by two styles: Antillo represents the traditional soul of the territory, while Rute is a more contemporary interpretation.

The red wine Jassarte and the aged white Criseo represent the very old tradition (pre-phylloxera) of the field blend from single vineyards.

And, finally, our wines to enjoy on a daily basis, the red Bacco in Toscana and the white L’Airone (Vermentino).

Wine tours and tastings in the winery

We offer guided tours and tastings (by reservation only), and the purchase of wine during opening hours. For questions or reservations, please call us during office hours (39 0565/763238) or e-mail

SHOP OPENING HOURS: From 1 April (or Easter, if in March) to 31 October: from Monday afternoon to Saturday, 10.00am-1.00pm and 3.00pm-6.00pm. The rest of year: during office hours, Monday to Friday only.

Our winery is open to guests who would like to experience what artisanal winegrowers do and learn about the development of wine over the millennia.



The foundation of a great wine

Our intention is to produce terroir-expressive wines. Latins called it Genius Loci, the Spirit of the Place.
Our wines are estate produced, from grapes grown only in our vineyards. They are located in the Bolgheri Denomination and include a great biodiversity of varieties and rootstocks. The total surface area is now 21.5 hectares, 16.5 in production.

Our vineyards are surrounded by woods, Mediterranean scrub and olive groves. They are landscaped in a natural way, alternating between hedges and trees. Our work is done with the care and experience of a winegrowing family, in a sustainable way, according to the principles of integrated viticulture.
Most of our vineyards are in the hilly area of Bolgheri, around the wine-cellar, where our best wines originate. It is crucial to understand the characteristics of each single land parcel, to choose the best varieties for each wine and the most appropriate practices for each vine.

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Winemaking, culture, and bio-architecture

Wine cellars have been built underground for millennia for a simple reason: creating, in a natural way, the best place to produce and store wine (keeping it fresh and slightly humid). Today, this choice allows us to conserve precious energy resources.

Moreover, an underground winery preserves the landscape. It is hidden beneath a low hill covered by olive trees and by flora of the Mediterranean scrub. A system of rainwater capture and re-use results in considerable water-savings. Carefully designed skylights and patios allow natural lighting for labor-intensive areas.

The cellar’s interior surprises with its elegant simplicity and harmoniously-designed work spaces and hospitality areas. The winery houses a museum dedicated to the history and culture of the grapevine and wine. Its heart is Professor Attilio Scienza’s extensive library on wine.

How we work

Sustainable terroir-wines

For us, producing a natural terroir-wine means seeking the best equilibrium between our work and the uncompromised naturalness of the earth and the vine. It is about striving to understand the finest expression of our vineyard and managing the grapes transformation into wine, without altering its soul, with the utmost care and attention.

This approach cannot be separated from respect for the earth. A high-quality wine must respect the environment and the health of the vine. The concept of sustainability guides our work: working in the best way possible today while preserving natural resources for future generations. This allows us to employ the best possible production practices currently available, bringing together tradition and innovation.