"In cooler seasons, we frequently see little egrets moving gracefully and lightly through our vineyards in search of food. Grace and lightness are precisely the characteristics of this very pleasant wine, as well as a way of approaching life.They are white herons. This one is bright yellow to recall the color of the wine."

— Annalisa and Michele


750 ml

L'AIRONE TOSCANA IGT VERMENTINO 2023L'AIRONE (The Heron) is born from Vermentino, a historic local variety, perfect for our vineyards marine and windy climate. In fact, it is typical of the Tyrrhenian coasts. Vermentino has been documented in our vineyards at least since the first half of the 19th century. Artisanal production and a short passage on the lees add personality and complexity.L'AIRONE 2023 is certified with SPQNI, the national standard of sustainable quality.

L’AIRONE is a young, very pleasant, fresh and fragrant white wine. It is best kept in a bottle lying down, in a cool, dark place. It should be served chilled, at about 8°-10°C (46°-50°F). It is excellent on its own, as an aperitif, or paired with vegetarian, fish, egg or young cheese dishes.




It is born from our vineyards along the Fossa di Bolgheri stream. We manage them with care and expertise, according to the best practices of the sustainable winegrowing.

PRODUCTION: We selected grapes from homogeneous vineyard parcels. Each of them is harvested and fermented separately. Our work is handcrafting, done with the utmost attention to detail and the aim of enhancing the territorial characteristics of the grapes. The selected grapes were gently de-stemming and pressed after a few minutes from the harvest. The must was cleaned by natural precipitation, leaving it at low temperature for one night. At the end of the fermentation, the wine remained for about 3 months on the lees, stirring it frequently. After this period, we clarified it from the lees by a natural precipitation at low temperature and a light filtration. It remained in the bottle for at least 3 months, in the best storage conditions.


Mediterranean, tempered by the breezes from the sea, with a broad day-night temperature differentials on summer.


alluvial, very deep, sandy and sandy-clay, rich (more or less) of pebbles.

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VINTAGE 2023: it was characterised by a cooler and rainier spring than usual, after a winter that was rather stingy with water. Thanks to the spring rains, the vines never had any water problems throughout the summer, in fact they were more luxuriant than usual. The summer season was normal, dry, with some extreme hot spells at the end of July. In August, the usual temperature range returned, with hot days and cool nights. We harvested Vermentino on 5th September, a little earlier than in previous years, under skies that were always clear and bright.

CHARACTERISTICS: The pale yellow L’Airone 2023 initially presents aromatic notes of fruit (grapefruit, apricot and mango) and sweet floral ones (orange blossom and linden); it then evolves towards hints of tea and peach, with a faint hint of bread crust and pastries. In the mouth, it is medium-bodied and flowing, savoury and with good freshness. It will evolve further, because an artisanal wine is alive and changeable.