Nullam, Vare, sacra vite prius severis arborem...

Don’t plant, Varo, any tree before the holy grape-vine...

— Horace, Carmina 1, 18,1, I c. a.C.

Available bottle sizes:

750 ml – (Magnum) 1,5 liter.


Jassarte is a wine with an ancient spirit and at the same time very innovative. It stems from the ancient pre-Phylloxera tradition of the field blend. In the past, wine was not identified as it is today with a variety and its characteristics. It was the expression of an unrepeatable vineyard, composed of several grapes, chosen to give rise to particular balances and identities, or derived from a family collection. The co-fermentation of several varieties gives rise to a synergy that develops absolutely unique aromatic and taste characteristics in the wine.

"Jassarte* is a Borderland between the past and the present, a memory of how the wine was born for millennia. Jassarte is a Borderland between the East and the West, ideal place of those exchanges of knowledge, grapes, tools and dreams, which has always constituted the wine history"

— Annalisa and Michele

*According to the historian Herodotus, the border between East and West was marked by two rivers, the Indus in the South and the Jassarte in the North

JASSARTE is an important red wine that could have a very long life if stored well. Ideally, keep the bottle lying down in a dark, cool place.
We suggest to serve it at 18°C (64°F), waiting for some time after uncorking. An artisanal wine is alive. Tasting it slowly: you will feel how it changes in the glass over the time.
Excellent on its own, it pairs well with intense flavored food.


field blend from our vineyard Campo Giardino (Garden Field), with 30 local red varieties and from other Mediterranean areas. We have chosen them by studying the varieties best suited to the area and that complement each other to originate a symphony of extraordinary complexity.


The vineyard is located among the hills of Bolgheri, on the first slopes of the Segalari Hill. It is in a little valley with an East-West direction, traversed by the Fossa di Bolgheri stream. We grow it with experience, care and attention to the environment, using the best practices of the sustainable viticulture.

PRODUCTION: The vineyard was harvested in more lots of different varieties, according to the ripening period. The varieties of each lot are co-fermented, in a artisanal way, with the utmost care and with the aim of enhancing the territorial characteristics of the grapes selected. Aging takes place for about 24 months in non-new wood, on the lees, with stirring weekly. Wine is then clarified with a series of racking (unfiltered). The final blending between the lots is followed by 3-4 months in steel. It is then aged in bottle for at least 12 months, in the best storage conditions.


Mediterranean mild, dry and windy. This valley has the cooler climate in the area and the largest summer temperature ranges between day and night.


alluvial, very deep, sandy-clayey with some more clayey putcrops, rich in pebbles.

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VINTAGE 2019: it was cool and well-balanced. The winter was sufficiently cold and rainy. Spring, after a warm start, returned to lower temperatures, with several rains, to the point of delaying flowering. Then, the usual hot and dry summer followed, cooled by some rains in August. The harvest began a little later than usual, especially for the white and the earliest red varieties. The harvest of Campo Giardino took place in 4 lots, in the second half of September. Jassarte has an intense color, with a very wide range of aromas, harmonious and vertical, with a great aging capacity.