Invitation to moderate consumption

Wine is pleasure for the senses, for the spirit, and, because of its culture, for the mind.

Wine contains alcohol, however, which introduces various counterindications. Nonetheless, faced on one side with total irresponsibility and on the other with a senseless prohibitionism, we must select the path of free choice and of moderate, informed consumption. The amount of alcohol that one can consume with no adverse effects varies with a person’s weight and individual tolerance; the best choice is to ask the advice of one’s doctor. In any case, alcohol should be consumed preferably on a full stomach and slowly.

Alcohol is always discouraged for those in a stage of growth—babies, childen, and pregnant women—and for those with with certain illnesses. It can also cause problems in conjunction with certain medicines. It is best to ask the advice of your doctor.

If used inappropriately, alcohol will make anyone sick. Avoid alcohol if you are driving a vehicle or if you are doing anything that necessitates concentration and responsibility. It can induce sleepiness, slow the reflexes, reduce concentration, impair vision, and make one euphoric and/or aggressive. Continuous overconsumption can lead to dependence and to sicknesses that can be quite serious.

Wine lifts one’s spirit and thoughts, and unrest departs from one’s soul.

Pindar (518 – 438 a.C.)