Wine elevates the soul and thoughts, and anxieties move away from the heart of man.

- Pindaro (518 – 438 a.C.)

Wine is a pleasure for the senses, for the spirit and, due to its history and culture, for intelligence.

However, wine contains alcohol, even if not in excessive quantities, which has various contraindications. However, between absolute irresponsibility and the most obtuse prohibitionism, we choose the path of freedom of conscious and moderate consumption. This is part of the Italian lifestyle, in which wine brightens meals above all. In this way, food buffers the effects of alcohol, while the convivial spirit leads to a pleasant and not excessive consumption.

The amount of alcohol that can be taken without problems varies with the person’s weight and personal tolerance. Always ask your doctor for advice. However, it should preferably be taken on a full stomach and slowly.

Alcohol is always not recommended for growing people (children, teenagers and pregnant women) and for people suffering from certain diseases. It may be contraindicated if you are taking certain medications, … Ask your doctor for advice.

If taken improperly, alcohol is bad for everyone. Avoid alcohol if you have to drive a vehicle or perform other responsible tasks: it can make you drowsy, slow down your reflexes, lower your concentration, reduce your field of vision, make you euphoric and/or aggressive. A very high and continuous consumption over time can lead to addiction and even very serious diseases.