8 May 2023

The wine from the Renaissance to the Early Modern Age: the rediscovery of the ancient production and the great return of the “married” vine.

With the Renaissance and the early Modern Age, there was a major change for the world of wine due to three major factors: the rediscovery of […]
22 March 2023

Wine in Renaissance and early Modern Age: amidst luxurious banquets and macaronic literati

Let us drink comrades, let us eat, let us enjoy!I assure you that of all the things in the world, nothing meets human needs better than […]
6 March 2023

A new sustainable system for the vine-moth

We have placed in the Campo Grande this device, which is a new experimental system to monitor the presence of the vine-moth in the vineyards with […]
20 February 2023

The Italian wine between the Renaissance and the beginning of the Modern Age I

A general overview of agriculture I have written how the Middle Ages (here, here, and here) were a very rich and interesting period for the Italian […]
27 June 2022

We’re certifing our wines as sustainable

Be the change you want to see in the world. (Gandhi) I am glad to inform you that with the 2022 harvest our wines will be […]
29 April 2022

Bolgheri: hills, plains and soils, understanding a territory beyond the commonplaces

I love you, fruitful and pious land, and I admire you,and I touch you, and I fill my hands with you,and over you I bow my […]
28 March 2022

Stem or not stem vinification?

Have you ever heard of winemaking with grape stalks? Conversely, have you ever wondered why the destemming is the prevalent practice in the cellars? However, the […]
19 February 2022

Between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance: the dawn of a new Italian viticultural geography

During the fourteenth century, another oriental luxury wine was established. Its name was Malvasia, marketed by the Venetians. It seems that the name derives from the […]
4 February 2022

Between the Early and Late Middle Ages: overseas, Latin and Greek wines

“Vinum de vite dat nobis gaudia vite. /Si duo sunt vina, mihi de miliore propina. / Non prosunt vina, nisi fiat repetitio trina. / Dum quartum […]
28 January 2022

The wine in the Early Middle Ages: between pleasure and sacredness

Italy, called the Enotria by the ancient Greeks (= “land of wine”), continued to be its homeland even in the Middle Ages, but the transition from […]
17 January 2022

The golden period of wine in the Italian Middle Ages

And so that you wonder less at my words, consider the heat of the sun, which becomes wine when joined to the juice of the grape. […]
11 January 2022

Video on Bolgheri DOC territory

The Consorzio Bolgheri DOC realized this video about our territory. Good vision!
16 October 2021

2021, a remarkable vintage: about the harvest

We concluded the 2021 harvest on Friday 1st October. It is always with prudence that we use certain words but we can say that 2021 was […]
22 July 2021

Roots, the underground life of the grapevine (2)

Continued from here "Leave the flowers to others, still too far away. Your thought remains with the seeds and with the firm grip of the roots […]
17 July 2021

Roots, the underground life of the grapevine (1)

Normally we are used to considering a plant above all from what we see: branches, flowers and fruits. Yet, plants do not live like us only […]