We have placed in the Campo Grande this device, which is a new experimental system to monitor the presence of the vine-moth in the vineyards with great accuracy and timeliness.

Equipped with a solar battery, it records and monitors the presence of this dangerous pest in real time, sending us the data. Insects are lured inside the trap by a highly specific pheromone (a chemical signal that mimics that released naturally during mating). A camera frames the captured insects and counts them. Artificial intelligence recognizes the right ones, excluding those few intruders that may have entered by mistake.

In addition, the device is also equipped with a weather controller, which detects temperature and humidity.

Until now, control is done with a simpler trap, a plastic sheet covered with glue, which catch insects non-specifically. One must periodically visually check the attached insects, recognize the moth from the others, and count them.

This is still an experimental system, but it is an innovation of great interest.