8 May 2023

The wine from the Renaissance to the Early Modern Age: the rediscovery of the ancient production and the great return of the “married” vine.

With the Renaissance and the early Modern Age, there was a major change for the world of wine due to three major factors: the rediscovery of […]
22 March 2023

Wine in Renaissance and early Modern Age: amidst luxurious banquets and macaronic literati

Let us drink comrades, let us eat, let us enjoy!I assure you that of all the things in the world, nothing meets human needs better than […]
20 February 2023

The Italian wine between the Renaissance and the beginning of the Modern Age I

A general overview of agriculture I have written how the Middle Ages (here, here, and here) were a very rich and interesting period for the Italian […]
28 March 2022

Stem or not stem vinification?

Have you ever heard of winemaking with grape stalks? Conversely, have you ever wondered why the destemming is the prevalent practice in the cellars? However, the […]