Understanding the profile of our soils is essential to allow us to identify the best micro-zones for the different varieties and types of wine we produce.

The soils of Guado al Melo were formed in ancient times with alluvial debris from the Fossa di Bolgheri, the stream that surrounds our vineyards. They are, therefore, alluvial soils, a type that produces great wines all over the world.

Our soils are deep or very deep, characterised by low fertility and good drainage, rich in pebbles. Depth is an essential characteristic in a Mediterranean territory, to ensure maximum root expansion for the vine, which allows it to avoid water stress.

These are predominantly medium-textured or light soils. These characteristics contribute to producing wines of great elegance and balance.

PINK: UNIT “LE PORCARECCE”. BEIGE: stony type. Very deep clayey-sandy soils on old terraces of alluvial deposits, calcareous, moderately well drained with pebbles (from poor to abundant). More clayey zones are present.

GREEN: UNIT “CASTAGNETO”. OLIVE-GREEN: stony type. Deep fine sandy-clayey soils on terraces and hilly slopes, not calcareous, pebbles from medium to abundant. More clayey zones are present.

ORANGE: UNIT “GREPPI CUPI”. Very deep sandy soils on old dune and hilly slopes, not calcareous, few pebbles.