Viticulture and wine production, although thousands of years old, never ceases to be an area to explore and understand.  There are no points of arrival in our work. We are always learning because we are dealing with living organisms in close relationship with their environment, subject to the constant changes of vintages, as well as the wider impact of climate change.

For these reasons, we have always conducted research, both internally and in cooperation with universities and research centers, in order to increasingly improve the development of sustainable viticulture and our production. Research in our field is not easy, because the grape harvest only takes place once a year. It must, therefore, be spread out over extended periods to provide answers.

There are numerous experimental varieties in our vineyard, including varieties from arid areas, which are useful to understand how we can adapt to our changing environment and climate. We are also experimenting with new rootstocks that are more resistant to drought conditions, in combination with the main varieties of our area. In addition, we are also studying the response of some resistant varieties to our terroir … Experimentation in the vineyard translates into a complex series of vinification of samples, to follow the transformation of the grapes into wine and understand their potential.