“… And you search there for your roots

If you want to understand your soul
And you feel within you those bonds
The ancient rites and myths of the past
And you feel them within you like hands …”
(Roots, Francesco Guccini)
The vintage 2020 was very good for wine, with optimal temperatures, never too hot. The winter was sufficiently rainy. Summer began very pleasantly, with mild temperatures and excellent ventilation. In late August came the usual scattered rains that cooled the heat and gave relief to the vines. We harvested the Rebo and Cabernet franc on September 20, and the Cabernet sauvignon in early October, with cooler temperatures.
Atis 2020 is a wine of extraordinary elegance, full boded and very good freshness. It releases slowly a great complexity of aromas: blackberry, licorice, menthol, tobacco, chocolate and morello cherry, an intense note of violet, aroma of face powdery … An artisanal wine is alive and evolves over time.