Nunc est bibendum, nunc pede libero pulsanda tellus

Now we must drink; now we must dance for joy

— Horace, Ad sodales, Carmina I, 37

The dancing satyrs, with a wine cup in a hand and a rattle instrument in the other, are a tribute to Etruscan people, first civilization of this area and first wine-growers in Italy.

Available bottle sizes:

750 ml – (Magnum) 1,5 liter.

Summer night in Tuscany, liquid gold* in the cups, dancing satyrs.Dance, music and wine: the gifts of the god Bacchus, for the ancients, to console us of the worries of life.

*Criseo means “made of gold”

Criseo is an artisan wine, a field-blend from single vineyard Campo Bianco. The field-blend is the oldest way for the wine production, usual in pre-philloxera period. A extraordinary complexity origines from the sinergy of different grapes cultived in the same vineyard and vinified all together. Our modern approach is not random, but every step is carefully thought out.

Criseo is a complex and elegant white wine, who can have a medium-long life. Best storage is in a dark and fresh place, in a lying down bottle. We suggest to serve it at about 14°C (53-54°F), and to wait for some time after uncorking. It should be tasted calmly, feeling how it changes in the glass as it oxygenates. Best pairing is with intense flavor food fish-based, white meat, vegetables, mushrooms, medium ripening cheeses.


Field-blend from single vineyard Campo Bianco, with Vermentino (circa 70%), Fiano, Verdicchio, Petit Manseng and Manzoni bianco.





Campo Bianco is located among the hills of Bolgheri, on the first slopes of the Segalari Hill. It is in a little valley with an East-West direction, traversed by the Fossa di Bolgheri stream. We grow it with experience, care and attention to the environment, using the best practices of the sustainable viticulture.


mild-Mediterranean, dry and windy, with a broad day-night temperature differentials on summer.


deep, fine sandy-clayey, medium/rich in pebbles.



PRODUCTION:  the Campo Bianco vineyard is harvested all at once, at a time carefully chosen for the synergy of the different varieties, in the cooler hours of the morning. The grapes are co-fermented, as per tradition. The selected and de-stemmed grapes are gently pressed and the must is cleaned by spontaneous precipitation, leaving it overnight with the cool temperature of the cellar. After fermentation, it is aged on the lees for about 1 year, in stainless steel tanks, with frequent mixing. After that, it remains about one year in the bottle.

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VINTAGE 2022: It was a warm year. After a rainy autumn, a dry and not very cold winter followed. Spring, however, was cooler than usual, followed by a hot, dry summer. Our vines showed no signs of water distress thanks to the very deep alluvial soils, where the vines were able to develop a well-expanded root system over time. A few rains in mid-August cooled the vines. Ripening then continued with milder temperatures, especially with much lower night temperatures. We harvested the Campo Bianco on 14th September.

CHARACTERISTICS: Criseo 2022 is intense but very pleasant and balanced, savoury. It presents notes of grapefruit, saffron, broom, hawthorn and exotic fruit. Aging on the lees gives rise to complex hints of beeswax, pastry, bread crust, yeast. There is also a slight mineral note of hydrocarbons, which will grow with further evolution without ever becoming predominant. An artisanal wine is alive and evolves over time.