Francesco Redi has written the playful poem “Bacchus in Tuscany”, BACCO IN TOSCANA, in the XVII century. It is a glorification of the Tuscan wines.

He imagined that the God arrived in Tuscany and choosing it as his new homeland because the best wines in the world are produced here.Bacchus comes with his wife Ariadne and his funny entourage of satyrs and nymphs. They are singing and dancing the BOMBABABÀ, a Tuscan dance in vogue at that time. Its name is perfect to remember us the joy of living that the wine gives us!


750 ml

Bacco in Toscana is a young red wine, very pleasant and fruity, with a good body. Best storage is in a dark and fresh place, in a lying down bottle.We suggest to serve it at 16°-18°C (61°-64°F).Very versatile in food pairing, it goes well with both meat and vegetarian dishes.


Sangiovese, Syrah




It is born from our vineyards, along the Fossa di Bolgheri stream. We manage them with care and expertise, according to the best practices of sustainable viticulture.

PRODUCTION: We selected grapes from homogeneous vineyard parcels. Each of them is harvested and fermented separately. Our work is handcrafting, done with the utmost attention to detail and the aim of enhancing the territorial characteristics of the grapes.
The selected grapes were gently de-stemming and pressed after a few minutes from the harvest. Aging took place for 3 months in used oak barrels, on the lees, with weekly stirring. It is clarified with some racking, not filtered. Then there is an aging in bottle for 3 months, in the best storage conditions.

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VINTAGE 2022: After a rainy autumn, a dry and not very cold winter followed. Spring, however, was cooler than usual, followed by a hot, dry summer. Our vines showed no signs of water distress thanks to the very deep alluvial soils, where the vines were able to develop a well-expanded root system over time. A few rains in mid-August cooled the vines. Ripening then continued with milder temperatures, especially with much lower night temperatures. After mid-September, daytime temperatures also cooled and the harvest continued in a sunny and windy period. We harvested Syrah on Spetember 15th and Sangiovese on Sept. 18th.

Characteristics: the colour is deep red with ruby highlights. The nose has fruity aromas of black cherry and berries, with spicy notes of pepper and cinnamon.  In the mouth it is soft and pleasantly fresh.


Mediterranean, tempered by the breezes from the sea, with a broad day-night temperature differentials on summer.


alluvial, very deep, sandy and sandy-clay, rich (more or less) of pebbles.