Ulmus amat vitem, vitis non deserit ulmum; separor a domina cur ego saepe mea?

The elm loves the vine and the vine doesn’t desert the elm; why so many times am I separated from my beloved?

— Ovid, Amores, Elegy XVI

Vitis maritae, The vine “married” to the tree was the Etruscan (and Roman) cultivation system. It remained in the Italian tradition for over three thousand years, until the mid-twentieth century


750 ml – (Magnum) 1,5 liters – (Jéroboam) 3 liters – (Mathusalem) 6 liters – (Salmanazar) 9 liters – (Balthazar) 12 liters

Atis is the ultimate expression of the territory, its history and its transformations. It comes from the carefull choice of the best particles of our vineyards and from our artisan work.The label is a tribute to our origin: to the Etruscans, the first civilization of the area, the first winemakers in Italy.

"We have imagined an ancient king, ATIS*, majestic and austere,walking these hills, his glance still a little wild. His hand is caressing the branches of the vines that climb the trees, ... like us today."

— Annalisa and Michele

*ATIS was a mythic king, at the origin of Etruscan people, the first civilization of our territory and first winegrowers.

ATIS is an important red wine that could have a very long life if stored well. Ideally, keep the bottle lying down in a dark, cool place.
We suggest to serve it at 18°C (64°F), waiting for some time after uncorking. An artisanal wine is alive. Tasting it slowly: you will feel how it changes in the glass over the time.
Excellent on its own, it pairs well with intense flavored food.


Atis is the selection of the best vineyard parts of Cabernet sauvignon, Rebo and Cabernet franc. This blend comes from our research of a natural balance in the wine. It comes also from our study on the best adaptation between varieties and territory. Over time, we have substituted Rebo for Merlot, less suitable after the climate change. Rebo is an ameliorative cross between Merlot and Teroldego, which originated in the mid-twentieth century in Italy.




Our vineyards are located among the hills of Bolgheri, on the first slopes of the Segalari Hill. They are in a little valley with an East-West direction, traversed by the Fossa di Bolgheri stream. We grow them with experience, care and attention to the environment, using the best practices of the sustainable viticulture.

PRODUCTION: Each homogeneous micro-particle of vineyard is harvested and processed separately, in a artisanal way, with the utmost care and with the aim of enhancing the territorial characteristics of the grapes selected. The wine is aged for about 24 months in non-new wood, on the lees, with stirring weekly. It is then clarified with a series of racking (unfiltered). The final blending between particles is followed by 3-4 months in steel. It is then aged in bottle for at least 12 months, in the best storage conditions.


Mediterranean mild, dry and windy. This valley has the cooler climate in the area and the largest summer temperature ranges between day and night.


alluvial, very deep, sandy-clayey with some more clayey putcrops, rich in pebbles.

VINTAGE 2020: it was very good, with optimal temperatures,  never too hot. The winter was sufficiently rainy. Instead, the low-wet spring limited phytosanitary risks to the grapes.  Summer began very pleasantly, with mild temperatures and excellent ventilation. In late August came the usual scattered rains that cooled the heat and gave relief to the vines. We harvested the Rebo and Cabernet franc on September 20, and the Cabernet sauvignon in early October, with cooler temperatures.

CHARACTERISTICS: Atis 2020 is a wine of extraordinary elegance, full boded and very good freshness. It releases slowly a great complexity of aromas: blackberry, licorice, menthol, tobacco, chocolate and morello cherry, an intense note of violet, aroma of face powdery … An artisanal wine is alive and evolves over time.


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