Grappa is a typically Italian product, obtained by distillation from the marc (the skins of fermented grapes, removed from the tank at the end of the fermentation).These grappas are the result of the union of two Italian artisan excellences: the marc from the Bolgheri wine from Guado al Melo, matured in the sun of Tuscany, and the great distillation tradition in Trentino.Our marc, still very wet and perfectly healthy, are distilled in a discontinuous way in a water bath, under the careful supervision of the Master Distiller, Bruno Pilzer.Consume with moderation, better on a full stomach.Limited production

CIELO Traditional Grappa

Cielo is the traditional grappa: young, perfectly transparent and clear, with a great aromatic richness derived exclusively from distilled grape marc.

Alcohol content: 43% vol.

Service: Serve cool (about 12° -14°C) in a small tulip glass.