I had to write the data sheet of the new vintage of our Rute Bolgheri Rosso, 2017. I thought about what Bolgheri is for us: it is our home simply. So, I looked for what we (Michele, me and our children) mostly love of our living here, and I described it like this, in few lines:

“Bolgheri was a very difficult, harsh,
and waste land for centuries.
Today it is a Mediterranean garden,
with a still somewhat wild beauty.

For us, it is our home,
which has the scent of the hill paths
in the scrub, of the salty sea smell
in the sand dunes,
which has the sound of the waves of the sea,
of the cackles of the boys
who are bathing in the ford*, …

Rute is this Bolgheri, familiar to us,
that we look for in the earth and
in the stones of our vineyards,
in our craftsmanship.”

What do you say?
*Guado al Melo means “ford* at the apple tree”. There is really a ford near our vineyards, where our children and their friends have played.