Given the recent government regulations due the virus Covid, in May we can carry out tastings and guided tours with some limitations.

Tastings can only be done outdoors. Given the structure of our winery:

1. Visits and tastings will not be possible in case of rain or strong wind.

2. They can only be done in good weather, but we still have a limited number of places. Therefore, the reservation becomes mandatory in any case.

3. Each reservation can be definitively confirmed only in the previous 2-3 days before the visit, based on the weather forecast.

I also remember that the usual safety rules on distancing remain in force, both during the visit and tasting, except in the case of relatives or cohabitants. There is also the obligation to wear a face mask at all the time of your stay in our winery, except when you are tasting.

We are sorry for these inconveniences. From June, we should be able to return to do the tastings in the cellar, with the appropriate precautions.