The AIS Sommelier Toscana magazine came out with an article presenting the new Bolgheri Superiore wines where Atis is among the best tastes, with 95 points.

2018 is the new release for us, because we have made the choice (since the origins of this wine, back in 2003) to let it mature for a longer time than the choices of other companies in the area which, as you can see, are releasing now the 2019. These are winery choices: in our opinion, Atis is a great wine that deserves more evolution and complexity, which it can receive from 2 years of aging in old wood on the lees and 1 year in the bottle. It is not filtered, but cleaned from the dregs only by decanting. We therefore propose it to you perfectly ready to enjoy, with the ability to evolve for decades.

2018 was a cooler than average vintage. Among other things, the second part of September was characterized by a significant drop in the temperatures (from about 30° to 20°C), thanks to the north-east wind. The ripening of the grapes at milder temperatures than usual, in a situation of sun and wind, has determined unique notes in this extraordinary wine.

Another peculiarity of this special vintage concerns the grapes. Do you remember that we replaced 10% of Merlot with Rebo (read here) for the 2017 vintage? With 2018 we have increased even more this resistant variety, very interesting and perfectly adapted to our territory, reaching 15%, to the detriment of Cabernet franc, which has dropped to 5%. The main base, 80%, remains the great king of our vines, Cabernet Sauvignon, present here for over 100 years.

NB Unfortunately, these images are a preview of the magazine of not excellent quality. If you want to read the texts better, connect to this link, p. 38-39 (in Italian).