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5 June 2017
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12 June 2017

Serving and pairing wine

Do you know that it is better not to leave the wine in the car under the sun on summer (Italian summer, above all) ?

Or that serving wine at a wrong temperature does not make us appreciate it?

You must not be (necessarily) an expert to enjoy yourself with a glass of wine : the best thing is to let go of pleasure. However, there are little things to make this time better or, at least, to enjoy a good bottle of wine without problems. There are a lot of books on the subject for those who want to deepen. In these brochures we only give some basic information.

There is also some idea of pairing our wines with food … then you can use your imagination.

Local dish: it is a dish typical of our area (Castagneto Carducci, Tuscan Coast).

Italian recipes: here italian (in general) dishes.


Here there is the pdf file:

serving and pairing wine 2017



annalisa motta
annalisa motta
Biologa specializzata in biologia vegetale, da oltre vent’anni sono vignaiola a Guado al Melo, a Bolgheri (Toscana), con mio marito, dove produciamo vino territoriale ed artigianale, in modo sostenibile. Il vino per me è una passione trasversale: lo si capisce veramente solo mettendo insieme scienza, natura e cultura. In origin a plant biologist, from over 20 years I am a winemaker at Guado al Melo, in the Bolgheri DOC (Tuscany), with my husband, where we produce terroir-expressive and artisan wines, following a sustainable philosophy. Into the wine I have found all my different passions: in fact, we can understand it only by combining together science, nature and culture.

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