We welcome the new vintage of the L’Airone which opens, as every year, our new releases. L’Airone is our white that expresses all the freshness of Vermentino, a perfect variety for our marine climate, which tolerates perfectly the wind and the heat of a mild Mediterranean climate like ours. This variety has been present on the Tuscan coast and, in general, the Tyrrhenian ones, for centuries, even if its origin is uncertain.

I have already talked at length about the last harvest: we judged it to be an excellent vintage. The summer was dry but our vines showed no symptoms of water suffering, because instead it had rained abundantly in winter. The temperatures were warm but without excess and the climate was been very well ventilated. The grapes were fabulous, perfect and healthy.

As usual, it has excellent aromas. In this juvenile phase, they are reminiscent above all of the typical citrus fruits of Vermentino, in particular the grapefruit, with delicate aromas of sage. It has also slight hints of exotic fruit, such as pineapple and passion fruit. In the mouth, it is very fresh and pleasantly light, with a fair length. However, an artisanal wine is alive and it will evolve over the months in the bottle . You’ll can feel some aromas increase, such as those of exotic fruit, add others such as white flowers, light hints of honey and bread crust, …

It is an excellent wine to drink cool, I would say around 10°-12°C. As soon as it is taken out of the fridge (4°C), it will have few aromas. Remember: wait a while before drinking it, so it to warm up slightly and you’ll enjoy all its aromatic complexity. Moreover, wait still a few minutes after uncorking, to oxygenate it well.

It is perfect as an aperitif but also to accompany dishes that are not too intense. For example, I can suggest you to drink it with classic spaghetti with clams, fried fish orfried vegetables, an omelette with aromatic herbs, a spring vegetable pie, …

If you don’t drink it immediately, I recommend a good conservation! It is not really the best to keep a wine in the light (worse than ever under a spotlight!), at room temperature or in the heat. It’s no a good idea to forget it in a refrigerator for months. All these situations mess it up, alter its aromas and taste, can cause precipitation of small crystals (nothing that hurts, it’s just the natural potassium tartrate of the grapes). This happens because it is an artisanal wine: we do not do chemical stabilization or intense filtration, there is also the minimum possible sulfur dioxide. Store it with respect: the best is the bottle is lying down (standing up is possible only if you drink it shortly), in a cool place (about 10 °-12°C), in the dark.

Here there is the technical sheet of the wine, here the PDF.