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29 October 2021

Atis and Jassarte: Golden Stars

Heartfelt thanks to the guide I Vini di Veronelli who awarded the Three Golden Stars to our wines Atis 2018 and Jassarte 2018, tasted in preview, with remarkable scores: 96/100 and 94/100.

The new 2018 vintage of both will be available, as usual, from next spring. For now, 2017 is still on sale.

2018 was a particular vintage.
It was preceded by a very dry 2017, which certainly limited the subsequent production. Winter and spring were very rainy, while summer was normal, with some rain at the end. The real surprise came in the second half of September. It was sunny, but temperatures lowered by about 10 degrees, thanks to the north-east wind (Grecale). Atis and Jassarte benefited in particular from this very special end of summer and early autumn, expressing a particular grace.

annalisa motta
annalisa motta
Biologa specializzata in biologia vegetale, da oltre vent’anni sono vignaiola a Guado al Melo, a Bolgheri (Toscana), con mio marito, dove produciamo vino territoriale ed artigianale, in modo sostenibile. Il vino per me è una passione trasversale: lo si capisce veramente solo mettendo insieme scienza, natura e cultura. In origin a plant biologist, from over 20 years I am a winemaker at Guado al Melo, in the Bolgheri DOC (Tuscany), with my husband, where we produce terroir-expressive and artisan wines, following a sustainable philosophy. Into the wine I have found all my different passions: in fact, we can understand it only by combining together science, nature and culture.

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