A journey into the culture of the vine and of wine

The grapevine and wine enjoy a millennia-old history and a fascinating culture, in Italy and the whole world. This culture has infused almost all human activities, not only in viticulture and oenology, but in history as well, and literature, art, religion… Our work today is the fruit of this millennial journey, which is often misunderstood or reduced to mere folklore. We believe, as winegrowers, that it is important to contribute to conveying and passing down this incredible culture, in order to find our own roots, and to stimulate curiosity and the desire for deeper knowledge.

So, through years of efforts, having as our treasure the entire library of Attilio Scienza, we have created at Guado al Melo an account of all this. It takes the form of an itinerary that wends its way through the vineyard and winecellar, and every year we add something new to it. This journey is composed of vineyards, installations, illustrative panels, videos… all curated personally by us. All of the texts are in English as well, and, on request, in German.
• The vineyards, trained to the most ancient systems of vine-training: the Etruscan vite maritata (trained to trees, just as in nature, using wild Tuscan grapevines), the Egyptian pergola tunnel, the Grek alberello (low, bush-trained);
• Ampelography collection;

• How a terroir-expressive artisanal wine is made;
• What is a sustainable wine;
• Time-line of the history of wine;
• The vine and wine in religion;
• The vine and wine in the history of art;
• The historical evolution of vineyard management and winemaking;
• Ancient books on oenology and viticulture;
• The history of our growing area;
• The Etruscans and wine.