A rich biodiversity of grape varieties

We have a remarkable biodiversity of varieties in Guado al Melo's vineyards. We wanted to retrace the history of our territory in our vineyards. In our tradition, wine is born from a blend of more varieties, that is more than their sum. It is a synergy that, combined with the territory, is able to produce great wines, rich of personality and complexity. In our vineyards there are the grapes of the historical tradition (mainly Vermentino and Sangiovese) and those that represent the contemporary evolution of Bolgheri (Cabernet sauvignon above all, then Cabernet franc, Syrah, Merlot, ...).

We also wanted to recover the most ancient Mediterranean tradition: the field-blend of multiple varieties in a single vineyard. For millennia, until not long ago, wine was above all the expression of a territory, of a single vineyard with a unique and often complex identity. The Campo Bianco vineyard includes 5 white varieties. The Campo Giardino vineyard is a collection of about 30 red varieties (old Tuscan and Mediterranean ones).