Toscana IGT Rosso


Don’t plant, Varo, any tree before the holy grape-vine

Horace, Carmina 1, 18,1, I c. a.C.

VINEYARD: Campo Giardino 1,1068 ha
Jassarte is a Borderland between the past and the present,
memory of how wine was born for millennia,
when its soul was sought only in the spirit of the place,
in a vineyard with a complex identity,
unique and unrepeatable.
Jassarte is a Borderland*, between the East and the West,
ideal place of the millennial exchange of knowledges, varieties,
tools and dreams,
which has always been the history of the vine and the wine.

*According to the Greek historian Herodotus, the boundary between the East and the West was marked by two rivers, the Indus to the south and the Jassarte to the north.

Jassarte is an artisanal wine that is born from a complex field blend, ours modern interpretation of the pre-phylloxera production. At that time, each vineyard told a singular story in the glass, thanks to the unique synergies born from the particular combination of different grapes, in the field and in the cellar. All this has been lost over time, to a wine production now conformed to few elements. As then, the Campo Giardino vineyard expresses a powerful symphony, a unique voice of extraordinary complexity.

VINEYARD:field blend from our single vineyard Campo Giardino (Garden Field), 1. 1068 Ha circa, with 30 local red varieties and from other Mediterranean areas. The vineyard is among the woody hills of Bolgheri, on the first slopes of the Segalari Hill, in a little valley with direction East-West, marked by the Fossa di Bolgheri stream. We manage them with care and expertise, according to the best practices of sustainable viticulture.
Climate: mild-Mediterranean, windy. In the hilly area, there is the cooler climate of the territory, with a broad day-night temperature differentials on summer.
Soil: alluvial, very deep, sandy-clay, with some more clay areas, rich of pebbles.
PRODUCTION:The vineyard was harvested in more times, according to the ripening period. Each lot of different varieties is fermented together. That origins a very particular synergy during the vinification. The lots are then assembled respecting the identity of the vineyard. Our work is artisan, done with the utmost attention to detail and the aim of enhancing the territorial characteristics of the grapes. Aging took place for 2 years in old oak barrels on the lees, with weekly stirring. The clarification is made with rackings (not filtered wine). Then, there is an aging in bottle for one year, in the best conditions of conservation.
Available bottle sizes: 750 ml - (Magnum) 1,5 liter.