Bolgheri DOC Bianco


Now we must drink; now we must dance for joy

Horace, Ad sodales, Carmina I, 37

VIGNA: Campo Bianco, 0,7210 Ha
Small-lot wine
Summer night in Tuscany, liquid gold* in the cups, dancing satyrs.
Dance, music and wine: the gifts of the god Bacchus, for the ancients, to console us of the worries of life.

*Criseo means "made of gold"

Criseo is an artisan wine, a field-blend from single vineyard Campo Bianco. The field-blend is the oldest way for the wine production, usual in pre-philloxera period. A extraordinary complexity origines from the sinergy of different grapes cultived in the same vineyard and vinified all together. Our modern approach is not random, but every step is carefully thought out.

VINEYARD: Campo Bianco is among the hills of Bolgheri, the fresher area of the territory, in a little valley with exposition East-West. The climate is Mediterranean, tempered by the sea breeze, with a broad day-night temperature differentials on summer. The soil is deep, fine sandy-clayey, medium/rich in pebbles. It hosts 5 white varieties: Vermentino (70%) , Verdicchio, Fiano, Petit Manseng, Manzoni bianco.
PRODUCTION:The vineyard Campo Bianco is harvested in one step and the grapes are co-fermented, as per tradition. They are harvested in an optimal moment of ripeness for the synergy of the different varieties, in the coolest hours of the morning. The selected and de-stemmed grapes are gently pressed and the must is cleaned by spontaneous precipitation, leaving it overnight with the cool temperature of the cellar. After fermentation, it is aged on the lees for about 1 year, in stainless steel tanks, with frequent mixing. After that, it remains about one year in the bottle.
Available bottle sizes: 750 ml - (Magnum) 1,5 liter.