15 December 2021

Guado al Melo News 2021

Here you are our News, about the last harvest and the year’s memories. Here there is the PDF.
8 November 2021

Atis and Jassarte: Golden Stars

Heartfelt thanks to the guide I Vini di Veronelli who awarded the Three Golden Stars to our wines Atis 2018 and Jassarte 2018, tasted in preview, […]
29 October 2021

End of the tourist season

I remember you that, with October 31st, the tourist season ends for us. So, there will no longer be an opening time for tastings and visits […]
10 September 2021

Our wine museum is enriched: a snake in the vineyard to tell the Genius Loci

For the ancient Romans the Genius Loci was the Spirit of the Place, a minor deity who watched over the place and its inhabitants. They often […]