19 February 2022

Between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance: the dawn of a new Italian viticultural geography

During the fourteenth century, another oriental luxury wine was established. Its name was Malvasia, marketed by the Venetians. It seems that the name derives from the […]
4 February 2022

Between the Early and Late Middle Ages: overseas, Latin and Greek wines

“Vinum de vite dat nobis gaudia vite. /Si duo sunt vina, mihi de miliore propina. / Non prosunt vina, nisi fiat repetitio trina. / Dum quartum […]
28 January 2022

The wine in the Early Middle Ages: between pleasure and sacredness

Italy, called the Enotria by the ancient Greeks (= “land of wine”), continued to be its homeland even in the Middle Ages, but the transition from […]
17 January 2022

The golden period of wine in the Italian Middle Ages

And so that you wonder less at my words, consider the heat of the sun, which becomes wine when joined to the juice of the grape. […]