25 Januar 2019

Jassarte 2015

 Jassarte 2015.PDF file Der Professor Attilio Scienza hat in Guado al Melo eine ampelographische Sammlung (ein Weinberg mit vielen Rebsorten) für Studienzwecke geschaffen. Michele entschloss sich, […]
22 Februar 2018

Our new brochure – in German too

Here the are the project that I realised for our big brochure. First peges are dedicated to us, Guado al Melo’s staff and owners. Here there […]
23 Januar 2018

About wines which will not be produced.

As we have already anticipated, our most important Red Wines, Atis and Jassarte 2014 will not be in trade. We would have start to sale them […]
3 Juli 2017

Jassarte is Jassarte