14 February 2019

Attilio Scienza ist ein Mann des Jahres 2019 für Assoenologi

Prof. Attilio Scienza, Michele’s Vater, bekannter Experte und Professor für Weinbau an der Universität Mailand, ist ein Mann des Jahres 2019 für Assoenologi, den italienischen Verband […]
28 November 2018

Attilio Scienza presents his last work: “La stirpe del vino” (The bloodline of wine)

On Tuesday 4 December at the bookshop Hoepli in Milan, at 6.00 pm, our prof. Attilio Scienza will present, with the co-author Serena Imazio, his new […]
22 February 2018

Our new brochure – in German too

Here the are the project that I realised for our big brochure. First peges are dedicated to us, Guado al Melo’s staff and owners. Here there […]