Next appointments on November

Save these dates. Here there are two wine tasting events in Italy. We will be too:

  • 18-19 November 2017, in the port of Livorno, Mare di Vino: wine fair with wineries from the province of Livorno (Denominations: Bolgheri, Val di Cornia, Montescudaio and Terratico di Bibbona). Info on:
  • 25-26 November 2017,at the Fair of Piacenza, Mostra Mercato dei Vini dei Vignaioli Indipendenti: wine fair of the vinegrowers from all of Italy, members of FIVI (Federazione Italiana dei Vignaioli Indipendenti), little or medium artisanal wineries. Info on

Taormina Gourmet October 21-22-23 2017

Save the date: we will at the food&wine festival Taormina Gourmet, in Sicily.

Info on:

Criseo: one of the best tuscan white wines

CriseCriseoo, the first aging white wine in Bolgheri Denomination, continues to attract attention. The Italian journalist Daniele Cernilli put him among the best white wines of this summer, describing it as follows:
"Nose of formidable complexity, notes of flint, cedar, fresh almond and exotic fruit hints, full flavor, salty, excellent body, warm but agile and with a very pleasant drinkability. One of the best Tuscan whites this year. Complex".

Thanks very much!

Katrin Pfeifer "Bolgheri: Impressioni dalla Natura" "Impression from Nature"

Ecco alcune immagini della mostra.

Here there are some pictures of the exhibition.



Katrin Pfeifer
Katrin Pfeifer

Saturday 8th July: unveiling of the work "August Dance" by Fabrizio Tiribilli"

Saturday 8th July, from 6.00 pm till 8.00 pm, presentation of the work.
We are waiting for you.


Tom Hyland: Guado al Melo, expressive wines from Bolgheri

Tom Hyland wrote about Guado al Melo:

Guado al Melo, expressive wines from Bolgheri

Guado al Melo – Expressive Wines from Bolgheri

Guado al Melo summer opening hours

There is the summer change of our opening hours. From today till mid of September, we will open from Monday to Saturday morning 10.00 am - 1.00 pm / 4.00 pm - 8.00 pm.
Come in our winery: during these times you can make wine tastings, free visit at our museum about history and culture of wine, wine shopping.

But if you prefer a guided wine tour + tasting, don't forget to make a reservation.



Serving and pairing wine

Do you know that it is better not to leave the wine in the car under the sun on summer (Italian summer, above all) ?

Or that serving wine at a wrong temperature does not make us appreciate it?

You must not be (necessarily) an expert to enjoy yourself with a glass of wine : the best thing is to let go of pleasure. However, there are little things to make this time better or, at least, to enjoy a good bottle of wine without problems. There are a lot of books on the subject for those who want to deepen. In these brochures we only give some basic information.

There is also some idea of pairing our wines with food ... then you can use your imagination.

Local dish: it is a dish typical of our area (Castagneto Carducci, Tuscan Coast).

Italian recipes: here italian (in general) dishes.


Here there is the pdf file:

serving and pairing wine 2017



August Dance - The artist Fabrizio Tiribilli creates again for Guado al Melo

Fabrizio Tiribilli, an artist of Florentine origins who lives on the Tuscany Coast, now in Livorno (after an intermezzo in Sicily) returns to create for our winery. He does so with a beautiful work inspired by nature and our work of vintners. Fabrizio is a great person and friend, as well as an artist of great sensibility.

The title of this latest work is "Dance of August", inspired by the color dance that is created on the bunch of grapes during the veraison*. Technically, it is an oil painting on wood panels. The work is very big and Fabrizio has broken the bunch into many panels, playing with full and empty, for a spectacular overall effect.

We are finishing the preparation and shortly there will be a worthy inauguration!

* The bunch, after flowering, is shaped by green little balls that begin slowly to swell. At the beginning of August acines do not grow anymore but begin to change color. This change is called "veraison". For white grapes it is a discrete process, turning to yellow or yellow with green shades. For black grapes it is more noticeable and spectacular: the acines, even on the same bunch, take different colors before reaching the final one, different for each variety, ranging from violet to deep blue. At the end, the whole grape has changed color but is not ready yet. Now it begins to mature, that is, all the internal transformations that lead to the accumulation of sugars, aromas, tannins, etc. To reach to the optimum maturation they pass about 40 days, which may also vary according to the seasonal trend of this delicate and very important moment.




This is the second important work that Fabrizio has made for our cellar, inspired by the vineyard. The first one dates back to 2007. This is a triptych, "Leaf", oil colours on wood, which represents a vine leaf divided into three parts and with the three colors that nature gives it in different seasons. This work, always of great impact, enlivens our tasting room.

"Leaf", 2007, Fabrizio Tiribilli

Later he "played" with the air recirculation turrets (n.9 in total) on the green roof of our cellar, with a work called "Regenesi Ludica", always inspired by the colors of the surrounding nature. He has transformed technical objects (to hide) in living elements that characterize the landscape.



Lastly, in 2015, we hosted an his exhibition in our cellar. Do you remember it?


The FIVI wines fair in Rome

A very good event: here there are some photos.

Un Mare di Gusto, San Vincenzo, 5-6-7 May 2017

During the next week-end, 5-6-7 May, there will be the event "Un Mare di Gusto" in San Vincenzo (near Castagneto Carducci). It is a fish cooking festival, in particular all around the local fish "palamita", a kind of oily fish, very very delicious. In pairing with food tastings, there will be our white wines, L'Airone Vermentino 2016 and Criseo Bolgheri DOC Bianco 2015.
Here there is the event web site

Mostra-mercato dei Vignaioli Indipendenti FIVI, Roma, 13-14 Maggio 2017

FIVI-logoIl 13 e 14 Maggio invece saremo a Roma, al salone dei Vignaioli Indipendenti.

On 13th and 14th May, we'll be at Rome, at the wine tasting of FIVI Association.


Anteprima Vini Costa Toscana, Lucca, 6-7 Maggio 2017

Ecco il prossimo evento a cui partecipiamo con i nostri vini. Vi aspettiamo a Lucca!

Here there are the next event where you can taste our wines. See you at Lucca!!

Vinitaly 2017

This year, 2017, we were at Vinitaly in the stand of our new distributor for Italy, Cuzziol GrandiVini. We really like the style of the stand (elegant and sober). The Cuzziol's staff was very competent.

We also met some of our foreign importers, with whom we work for years. They have thus been able to taste the new vintages of our wines. They come from German, Belgium, Sweden, Great Bretain, USA, Japan, Australia, etc. There was some new contacts too. So, we will be able to export our wines to some new countries in next months... (news soon).

Prof. Attilio Scienza (Michele's father) was ranked fourth in the list of major influencers of the Italian wine world, for his scientific research on the viticulture sustainability.

Thanks very much to all!


Michele with Antonio Paolini (Press) and Attilio Scienza

Michele with Nereo Pederzolli (, Press, RAI Trentino).
At Vinitaly, Prof. Attilio Scienza (Michele's father) was ranked fourth in the list of major influencers of the Italian wine world, for his scientific research on the viticulture sustainability.
Attilio Scienza in the Wine Power List

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Col nostro importatore per gli alcuni stati americani, Nicola Biscardo

A new precious book for our library

A new book, of great cultural value, becomes part of our library, on display at Guado al Melo.
It is an edition of the sixteenth century of the only medieval agricolture treaty of Western, the work of Pietro de Crescenzi "Ruralium Commodorum libri XII" written in 1307 in Bologna. This edition,  in 1561 exactly, translated from Latin into Italian, was published by Francesco Sansovino, Publisher in Venice .

Here are some beautiful pages.



Vinitaly 2017

For appointments: 0565/763238


We'll be at ProWein Trade: Pav. 16 Stand C22 (c/o our importer Consiglio Vino).

Unsere Weine in Brasilien

Eine gute Nachricht: Wir fangen an, in Brasilien zu arbeiten!
Wir haben eine Zusammenarbeit mit dem Importeur begonnen:

18130375 SAO ROQUE