The Scienza Family

Michele Scienza has lived in the world of wine since childhood. His great-grandparents and grandparents were winegrowers in the Trentino, and his father Attilio is a professor of viticulture and highly-respected viticultural expert. Hence his own passion, which spurred him to follow the path trod by his grandparents in his studies and professional activities. In 1998, the Trentino winery went to Attilio’s brother, and we, Michele and Annalisa, discovered an opportunity for a new life-project.

The bond with Bolgheri goes back to the time when Attilio was working in the area from the 1970s, overseeing vineyard planting for several producers, the establishment of the DOC, and the viticultural zonation project for the area. By that time, he knew every centimetre of the land. In 1998, the opportunity came for a new family wine operation, and he knew that a parcel of land was for sale in one of the denomination’s best areas, so he did not let the opportunity slip away. In 2000, we moved permanently to Castagneto, and here were born our two sons, Giovanni in 2001 and Federico in 2007.