Toscana IGT Vermentino, Bianco

The vineyards of this beautiful coastline and the warm Mediterranean climate, tempered by sea breezes, give birth to a fragrant white wine with notes of freshness, pleasant on every occasion. Vermentino is a historical variety of our territory, documented in Guado al Melo vi-neyards at least the early nineteenth century.
The label is inspired by the territory: in spring it is common to see small white egrets that move gracefully in the vineyards in search of food. This is in a beautiful golden yellow, to re-member the color of the wine.
VARIETIES: Vermentino.
VINEYARD: alluvial soil, porous, deep and with good pebble-gravel texture. Mediterranean climate re-freshed by sea winds, in summer sig-nificant temperature range between day and night. Produced with sustai-nable practices.
PRODUZIONE: the clusters are very lightly pressed, and overnight, the must is then cold-settled naturally. Vinified without correctives or addi-tives which would alter the original characteristics of the grapes.