Toscana IGT Vermentino, White

L’Airone (“The Egret”) is made with Vermentino, a historical variety of the Tyrrhenian coasts, very suited to the marine climate. It is documented in the Guado al Melo vineyards at least since the mid-nineteenth century. L’Airone is a traditional wine, that we had interpreted according to the great elegance and complexity of our terroir.
The label is inspired by the terroir also. In the cooler seasons, we often see small cattle egrets (“airone guardabuoi“ in Italian, Bubulcus ibis L.) that are moving gracefully in our vineyards in search of food. This one is in a beautiful bright yellow, to remember us the color of the wine.
VARIETIES: Vermentino
VINEYARD: It is born from our vineyards, that were planted in the winter 1999-2000, along the Fossa di Bolgheri stream. The climate is Mediterranean, tempered by the breezes from the Tyrrhenian sea, with a broad day-night temperature differentials on summer. The soil is alluvial, very deep, sandy and sandy-clay, rich (more or less) of pebbles.
We cultivate the vines with the experience and expertise of our family, winegrowers for generations. We use integrated and sustainable viticulture methods, that is, we choose the best practices for an optimal production with the lowest impact on the environment and absence of residues in wines.
VINTAGE 2018: has been very regular and fresh. The very rainy spring recovered the severe drought of the 2017. Summer proceeded as usual, warm and dry until harvest, with only a few thunderstorms that gave a little refreshment. The maturation was very regular and also very long. In the second half of September there was a providential decrease of the temperatures, with dry and ventilate climate, that added a lot of elegance to the vintage. The 2018 originated a L’Airone with a bright yellow, pleasant to the palate, fresh and sapid, with the varietal aroma of grapefruit, aromatic herbals, scent of tropical fruit and white flowers. We changed the packaging with the 2018 vintage, that is much more elegant. We have a new bottle shape, with the adjustment of the label that has more refined details.
PRODUZIONE: Our work is artisanal, done with competence, experience and the utmost attention to detail, with the aim of enhancing the territorial characteristics of the grapes.
Vermentino requires a great precision in the choice of harvest time: if you go only a little further, it tends to lose quickly in acidity, creating wines without freshness. The harvest has been on September 10th, in the coolest hours of the morning, harvesting (and then working) separately the homogeneous micro-parcels. The selected grapes were gently de-stemming and pressed after a few minutes of the harvest. A short maceration on the skins at low temperature has followed. The must was cleaned by natural precipitation, leaving it cool for one night. At the end of the fermentation, the wine remained for about 3 months on the lees (on yeasts), always in steel vat, stirring frequently. After this period, we have clarified it from the lees with natural cold precipitation and a light filtration. It has remained in the bottle for about 3 months, in the best storage conditions. The use of sulfur is minimal.