Guided wine tours by reservation

Visiting Guado al Melo is an authentic travel into the history and culture of wine, as well through the experimentation of your senses. We offer different ways to visit our winery and learn about our wines, both for individuals and groups of different sizes. Contact us during office hours for more information and costs.
Spoken languages: English, German and with an advance request also Russian.

For those who have little time

From the Latin parva, small: without a guided tour but only an essential presentation of Guado al Melo, with the tasting of 4 wines (top included).
Conditions: booking is not necessary (it is however recommended to avoid waiting times, the number of places is limited)
For whom: for individuals or very small groups (limited places)
When: only during the opening days and times of the winery

- Length: 40 minutes about; further stay in the museum is free.

For those who want to take the guided tour

From the Latin plena, complete. Includes the guided tour described above and the tasting of 4 wines (including our tops)
Conditions: only by appointment We join single visitors or very small groups in one visit (1-7 people) of the same language (otherwise you see the EXCLUSIVE visit).
-for 2-7 people, only on the opening days and times of the winery (link) (otherwise you will see the EXCLUSIVE PLENA visit)
-for larger groups: every day and all year. It can also become PLENA PLUS with a small snack based on typical products.
- Length: one and a half hours / two hours; further stay in the museum is free.

For very small groups (2-7 people) who want to be alone or come in days when the cellar is closed (subject to our availability). It's like visiting Plena, plus a small snack of typical products (based on cold cuts and cheeses).
By reservation only.
- Length: one and a half hours / two hours; further stay in the museum is free.

Each visit described above becomes "historic" if you also add bottles of old vintages of our great wines of aging (Criseo, Jassarte or Atis), at list price.
By reservation only.

Only by reservation, for groups of at least 8-10 people, we offer the possibility of accompanying the tasting, after the visit, with a light lunch based on typical products (cold cuts, cheeses, croutons, olives, seasonal vegetables).
The prandium was the half-day meal of the ancient Etruscans and Romans, a frugal and informal lunch (sine mensa), based on cold foods (bread, cold meats, olives, cheese, vegetables ...), accompanied with mulsum (wine mixed with honey). We propose it as an accompaniment to the tasting of our wines.
- Length: two hours / two and a half hours.

wine tour

The visit itinerary is structured as follows:
-on the "green roof" of the winery ", among vineyards, woods and hills: we talk about the history of Guado al Melo, the history of the territory and its transformations, of the Bolgheri DOC, of sustainable and rural viticulture;
- the ancient and modern vineyards: we speak of the ancestral origins of wine, visiting an Etruscan vineyard with wild vines, the Egyptian pergola and the Greek tree and how, from here, you get to the contemporary viticulture;
- at the doors of the underground cellar: we talk about sustainable choices, how a cellar can be thought of as an element completely integrated into the landscape and respectful of it;
- in the cellar: Going down into the heart of the structure, between tanks and barrels, you hear the story of how the grapes, obtained with so much care in the vineyard, fulfills its destiny under our respectful and sensitive guidelines
- the museum and the wine library: let's immerse ourselves in the millenary history and culture of wine, made of peasant culture, technical evolution but also of myths, religion, art and literature. Partly guided and partly free.
- wine tasting
ATTENTION: in case of bad weather, in the impossibility of visiting the external areas, this part of the visit will be explained in the cellar with the help of explanatory panels (in our museum).

The cellar has an external square for parking.
The cellar is all on one floor, with no gradients or stairs.
The visit on the "green roof" of the winery includes a short uphill path, not passable with wheelchairs or similar. If so, please report it: you can still change the route slightly, without compromising the quality of the visit.
Dogs are welcome but they can't enter the working areas (by law).
In the visit there is a short (and simple) external route: comfortable shoes are recommended.
The temperature of the cellar is on average much fresher than the outside. In summer it is also pleasant, in other seasons an extra cover may be needed.

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