Bolgheri DOC Bianco

Criseo is born from the identity of a single vineyard, a field-blend wine of different varieties, adapt to create a complex and elegant wine, with a great aging potential.
This wine is born from our passion for the great aging white wines. They did not have a history on the territory: we built it up step by step, giving birth to a wine with a great personality.
This wine takes on a beautiful golden color, hence the name Criseo, "made of gold". Satyrs dancing with a wine cup and a rattling instrument in their hands. They represent the three gifts that, according to the ancients, Bacco gave to the humans, to make us forget the afflictions of life: wine, dance and music.
Now we must drink; now with loose feet we must beat the earth (dancing for joy)

Orazio, Ad sodales, Carmina I, 37

VARIETIES / VINEYARD:it was born from our vineyard Campo Bianco (0.7 Ha), where Vermentino, Fiano, Verdicchio, Manzoni Bianco, Petit Manseng growth all together, according to the ancient Italian tradition. The vineyard was planted in the winter of '98-'99 on the first slopes of the hill of Segalari, in a small valley with east-west direction. The climate is Mediterranean, mitigated by the Tyrrhenian winds. The hilly area has the coolest temperatures of the Denomination, with the maximum summer temperature range between day and night. The soil is alluvial, deep, fine sandy-clayey, medium/rich in pebbles.
We cultivate the vines with the experience and expertise of our family, winegrowers for generations. We use integrated and sustainable viticulture methods, that is, we choose the best practices for an optimal production with the lowest impact on the environment and absence of residues in wines.
VINTAGE 2016: it was a very regular and interesting year. The winter was rather dry and mild, the spring very fresh and full of rain until the blooming, causing a little delay in bunches development. A very hot and dry summer followed, cooled down by some rain in the second half of August. The good weather continued until the end of the harvest, which started a little later than usual, at September 12th. The vintage originated a Criseo of a bright golden color. At the nose, it is clean and elegant, with hints of grapefruit, herbs, exotic fruits, mineral notes and a bit of honey. To the palate, it is full of body, fresh, sapid, good balanced, with a very long finish. The wine ageing will increase the mineral notes.
PRODUCTION: Our work is artisanal, done with competence, experience and the utmost attention to detail, with the aim of enhancing the territorial characteristics of the grapes.
Criseo is a field-blend: we collected all the grapes together, at an optimal ripening time for the different varieties, which are then co-fermented*. The harvest of Campo Bianco took place on September 12th, in the coolest hours of the morning. The selected grapes have been de-stemmed and pressed very softly, within a few minutes from the harvest. The must was cleaned by natural precipitation, leaving it cool for one night. At the end of the fermentation, the wine remained for about 12 months on the lees (on yeasts) in steel vat, stirring frequently. After this period, we clarified it from the lees with natural cold precipitation and a very light filtration. It has remained in the bottle for about 14 months, in the best storage conditions. The addition of sulfites is minimal.
*The co-fermentation of different varieties is a very old traditional practice. It allows the development of unique sensorial wine profiles. They are different from those that we get from the separate vinification of each variety and the following blend, because the transformations take place in different and more complex environmental situations.
Available bottle sizes: 750 ml - (Magnum) 1,5 liter.