Guado al Melo News 2018
16 November 2018
Etruschi vino
Wine and the Etruscan IV: the wine into the social life and religion.
17 December 2018

Attilio Scienza presents his last work: “La stirpe del vino” (The bloodline of wine)


On Tuesday 4 December at the bookshop Hoepli in Milan, at 6.00 pm, our prof. Attilio Scienza will present, with the co-author Serena Imazio, his new book “La stirpe del vino” (“The bloodline of wine”) Ed. Sperling & Kupfer.

In this book they tell about the origins, relatives (sometime unimaginable) and geographic travels of the main varieties of grapes, through history, myth and science,

Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti (Italian writer and journalist) will also speak. Maria Grazia Pennino (Sommelier AIS) will support the tasting of some of our wines and other estates (Bellavista from Franciacorta and Banfi from Montalcino) who kindly offered some of their best products.

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