Bolgheri DOC Superiore

Atis is our Bolgheri Superiore, a great selection wine that expresses the greatness of our territory, where the Mediterranean power is mitigated by the innate elegance of Bolgheri terroir and its main varieties. It is produced only in the best vintages.
Atis is the name of a mythic king, grandchild of Zeus. According to a legend, he was at the origin of Etruscan people, first civilization of our territory and first winegrowers in Italy (before XII c. BC). The Etruscans cultivated the vine as they saw it in nature, climbing to trees, as represented on the label. The Etruscan training system, the vine "married" to the tree, depicted on the label, has become the symbol of endless love in the Latin literature.
The elm loves the vine and the vine doesn’t desert the elm; why so many times am I separated from my beloved?

Ovidio, Amores, Elegia XVI

Not produced: 2014 - 2010 - 2002
VARIETIES: Atis is a vineyard selection of Cabernet sauvignon (80% around), Cabernet franc, Merlot.
VINEYARD:Atis is born from the selection of the best parcels of our vineyards Campo Grande and Campo Ferro. They was planted in the winter ‘98-’99 on the first slopes of the Segalari hill, in a little valley (exposition East-West) among the hills of Bolgheri. The climate is Mediterranean, tempered by the breezes from the Tyrrhenian sea. The hilly area has the fresher temperature of the territory, with a broad day-night temperature differentials on summer. The soil is alluvial, very deep, sandy-clay, with clay areas, rich of pebbles.
VINTAGE 2015: It has been very equilibrated. The winter-spring period, rich in rains, has provided stocks for the very hot and dry summer (as usually). The grapes ripening has been very regular, thanks also to our care, oriented to favor the balance of vines. The good weather lasted throughout the harvesting period, which took place between late August and early October. The great vintage has originated a extraordinary wine, very elegant and powerfull. It is intense and smooth with a good balance, complex aromas and a very long persistence.
PRODUCTION: Our work is artisanal, done with competence, experience and the utmost attention to detail, with the aim of enhancing the territorial characteristics of the grapes.
We selected the best parcels of our more interesting DOC Bolgheri vineyards. Merlot has been harvested at September 2nd, the Cabernet franc in October 3th and the C. sauvignon two days after. The selected grapes have been de-stemmed and pressed very softly, within a few minutes from the harvest, without adding sulfur dioxide to maintain the biodiversity of the yeasts. Fermentation and maceration were favored with frequent manual punching down. The maceration lasted 10-15 days. Aging took place for 24 months in used oak barrels (225 and 500 liters), on the lees (on the yeasts). Each barrel was stirred manually once a week. After the aging, the wine was gradually subjected to several decanting to clear it (then it is not filtered). At the end, Atis was reconstituted in a large tank and left to mix in a natural way for about 4 months. Finally, we refined it in the bottle for 14 months, in the best storage conditions. The addition of sulfites is minimal.
Available bottle sizes: 750 ml - (Magnum) 1,5 liter - (Jéroboam) 3 liter - (Mathusalem) 6 liter - (Salmanazar) 9 liter - (Balthazar) 12 liter.