22 August 2018

Wine and the Etruscan (I): the first winegrowers

Wine and the Etruscans is a fascinating theme but little known. When people thinks at the antiquity of Italian wine, they thinks almost exclusively to Rome. […]
24 March 2018
crogiolo alchemico

Fermentation in history 2: “It is rarefied to Spirit”

First interpretations on the fermentation process itself appear only in the era of alchemists-scientists, the seventeenth century. It is the historical moment in which the investigation […]
13 March 2018
Mosaico d'epoca romana con la torchiatura dell'uva, Israele.

Fermentation in history 1: “It boils by its nature!”

After the post about fermentation, especially on the role of yeasts, I invite you on a little journey through history, to discover what people thought in […]
3 July 2017
Campo Giardino, the collection-vineyard that originates Jassarte

Jassarte is Jassarte